Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Love That Diet Dr. Pepper!!!

Well for about four long years I have gone without my Diet Dr. Pepper because of the nutrasweet controversy. Therefore, I decided to start using Splenda and drinking Diet Rite instead until I heard about the Splenda controversy about six weeks ago.
But...reading about the false claims towards Nutrasweet on finally clinched it. I am going to drink it with moderation and not worry about it.


Scottius Maximus said...


Did you know chocolate has been linked to MS and Alzheimer's?

Lutheran Lucy said...

Oh really? Hmm...that's interesting...I have never heard that before!! :) I need proof Chimpie! :)

TKls2myhrt said...

Diet Dr. Pepper is my all-time favorite soda. I drink all diet sodas with caution, though. First of all, the are very addicting for me for some reason. Secondly, a pediatric urologist once told me that he doesn't recommend that stuff going through your urinary tract on a regular basis. I'm going with his gut instinct. Still, that drink sometimes is the only thing to hit the spot!

Lutheran Lucy said...

TK, yes it is the absolute best soft drink! It is very addicting to me too so I am trying very hard not to drink it every day. Thanks for the information from the pediatric urologist. Scottius says putting any chemical in one's body is not good and to drink it with moderation as with anything. I have also heard about the phosphoric acid not being good for a person's bones as well as some other chemical. Again, drink it with caution, right? Ah, it is so good though! :)