Saturday, October 13, 2007

Adoption Update

Well, I decided to make a post about our adoption for Barb and Marie. Since July 24th we have known that we were getting a little boy; however, we did not want to make it public until it was more official. We just started showing pictures of him in the past few weeks and are very anxious to get him home with us. We are just waiting for Seoul to contact our agency to let us know when he will be arriving at O'Hare International Airport!! I know that I will need to bring a lot of kleenexes that day as I weep tears of joy for this little one whom we have waited for for so long.

He is very healthy and weighed 6 pds. and so many ounces when he was born. His mother and father were going to get married; however, he was killed in an automobile accident last summer. The mother was so grief stricken that she gave him up for adoption. He is right on target with his growth, weight, etc. and seems to be in good hands with a foster mother who has been taking care of these little ones for 23 years! One of the neatest things about him is that he was born on the 24th anniversary of my dad's passing to heaven! When we get him, I will let everyone know!!!! Right now we still are very busy helping out my mom who still continues to have very serious health problems: right side of her heart isn't working, thyroid problems, gastro-intestinal problems, as well obstructive sleep apnea. I have seen my mom go from being an independent woman to a dependent woman. She is very gracious in her suffering though and is quite a witness despite the major changes in her life as well as the aggravation and pain from her health problems. We are all hoping for the best but also preparing for the worst. We have already had one death in our family just in the past few weeks with my cousin passing away from a drug overdose. He had been clean and starting a new life out of prison but just had a weak moment. He was a Christian though so we know that he is in heaven. Thank God that our family has faith in Christ. We know that although we are going through difficult times right now, we know that Christ is our strength, shield, and Saviour.
And, our circumstaces could always be worse!! We are very very blessed!!


Marie N. said...


I'm sorry to hear of the hardships with missing your cousin and caring for your mom. How wonderful that those bitternesses may be mixed with the joy of anticipation as your expect your new little one to come home soon. What a happy smile he has! No doubt it matches yours.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Wow, Lucy, that adoption news is great!

I pray that you and your mom may be given strength.

lutheranlucy said...

Hi Barb and Marie! Thanks for your prayers and support! Mom is doing a little better; however, her health issues and medications she has to take are very complicated. We are grateful for each day we have her.

Yes, we are anxiously awaiting our little one's arrival which should be in a few weeks most likely. We have so much going on with my mom and everything else so I ask for prayers that we all get our rest. Thanks!!

Oh, this is actually a picture of a little one I got off google! Although our little guy is laughing in one of the pictures our adoption agency gave us!! :)

Blessings to you and your families!

Polly said...

I know you can't wait to see your baby. Hope the time passes quickly and that the whole process goes smoothly.

lutheranlucy said...

Hi Polly! How are you? Yes, I am so excited to see and hold him. As of today, 11/16/07, we still don't know when he will be coming. All we know is that it will be on short notice!!
He will come when God deems it the right time! Take care! Blessings!