Friday, December 29, 2006

Good Old Rocky!!!

As Scottius mentioned in his post yesterday, he and I just saw the new Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa. We got a bucket full of popcorn (about 16 cups) for .$50 each. That's the special on Tuesdays! Of course, we went to the matinee too so we went out to the movies for about $15.75 total!! Now that is a pretty cheap movie date!

Anyway, we thought that it was a pretty good movie. Of course, you have to like the other Rocky movies to like it. As always Rocky was that same neat character who was very genuine and caring which made the story more interesting and inviting. I appreciated the reference to Jesus Christ too. There was some cussing and a couple of women dressed in revealing outfits which I can always do without, but at least it was only a few times. It is worth the money to go and see, in my humble opinion.

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