Thursday, January 04, 2007

But This Is NOT Good News!

I realize that these protests are going on more and more in America, but it still irritates me to no end!! I am not against immigration, but I am against immigrants who think that they can dictate to us how we should conduct the laws, etc. in our county. This is the United States. If someone wants to live here then that person needs to adopt our form of law, learn our language, etc. Period!!! If that person doesn't like how we do things over here then they are more than welcome to go back to their country.

The Bad News: Islamists Marching In Minneapolis

When Ethiopian troops and their Somali allies marched into Mogadishu, many
residents there cheered. For months they had been living under Sharia law,
enforced in Islamic courts. The courts were brutal and their rulings were
enforced by jihadist thugs in each neighborhood. People were shot if they
were caught watching a soccer game on TV, for example, and beaten if they
failed to pray five times a day. There were public floggings and bans on
music and women swimming.

But there is evidence that some Somalis here in the United States support
the brutal Islamic courts. Last Saturday, 1,500 Somalis demonstrated in
Minneapolis in favor of a Sharia law regime in Somalia. They demanded that
the United States stop supporting Ethiopia. Hassan Mohamud, imam of St.
Paul’s Al Taqwa Mosque, praised the brutal courts for bringing so-called
“peace and security.” Some Germans once said the exact same thing about
Adolf Hitler.

That 1,500 Somalis in Minneapolis were willing to rally publicly for this
kind of oppression is deeply disturbing. I can’t help but notice that none
of the demonstrators have chosen to live in Somalia, but rather have come

Illegal immigration is one problem, but how many people are we allowing
into the country LEGALLY who are bringing with them the murderous worldview
of the Islamic fascists? We will continue to work very hard to press both
the White House and Congress for immigration reform that places America’s
national security first.

TK, Did you hear about this matter in your local news?


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Yeah, if they don't like it here, let them go home. :P Heck, they can go help defend their fellow Somalis. Easy to protest from thousands of miles away, innit?

Lutheran Lucy said...

Hey Barb!! Right on!! :)

Des_Moines_Girl said...

I find it funny - if America is such an awful place then why do so many people want to come here? You don't hear about Russia or China have an illegal immigration problem. You don't hear about people flocking to Cuba.

The scary thing is the islamofacists have stated they won't stop until they have their flag flying over every capital in the world. They have the will to do it - do we have the will to stop them?

Lutheran Lucy said...

DMG - you are 100% correct! I fear that there are a lot of the "powerful" elitists who have no hope, faith, or courage to have the will to stop them! It is utterly amazing and mind boggling!