Thursday, January 04, 2007

This Is Encouraging News!

To: Friends and Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer, Chairman
Campaign for Working Families

Date: Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Good News: Islamists Losing In Somalia

While we were celebrating Christmas, a war was raging halfway around the
world that has gone totally unnoticed by Big Media. The war-torn nation of
Somalia was once again on the verge of being overrun by radical Islamist
militias, infiltrated by Al Qaeda and supported by Islamic nations in the
Middle East. On Christmas Eve, Ethiopian troops entered Somalia and took
up the fight against the Islamist militias alongside forces loyal to the
Somali government.

Within days, they had driven the jihadists out of Mogadishu – the very city
where U.S. forces were ambushed in 1993. (You may recall that this ambush
and America’s subsequent withdrawal led Osama bin Laden to conclude that
America was a “paper tiger” that “after a few blows ran in defeat.”) The
combined Ethiopian/Somali forces pressed their offensive and eventually
routed the Islamists out of their stronghold in Kismayo.

Interestingly, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, representing 57
Muslim countries, issued a statement in Saudi Arabia denouncing the
Ethiopian intervention, even though it has ended the fighting and brought
peace to the troubled nation.

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