Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oops! Sorry!

Lucy goofs up again!! Goodness!! :) For some reason, I cannot edit my last post. I am just not the computer whiz like Scottius or Angus!! Anyway, the one correction I can make is about the time of passing of Billy Graham's wife, Ruth. I posted that she died on Friday instead of Thursday.

Although they are of different denominations with different doctrine from our Lutheran doctrine (She was a Presbyterian but still supported Billy Graham in his Baptist faith.), the one thing that always struck me about them was their humility. I remember him especially saying many times that the older he got, the more aware he was of his many sins and his unworthiness to be granted the gift of eternal life. That's it for all of us. None of us are worthy of ANYTHING Christ give us, especially of our faith and gift of living in heaven someday with Him by believing in Him as our Savior. That is our greatest gift. Yes, our spouses, family, loved ones, and friends are so very precious but can never be more important than Christ. He is the only way to heaven. May Christ comfort Billy Graham and his family as they await their time of going to heaven as well.

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